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BIM Services

Why BIM?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a model-based process/methodology for creating 3D building design models that incorporate all of the information required for a building’s construction. It allows for easier coordination and collaboration among the project’s many involved parties.  


It is the most essential information input for any Digital Twin.


Welcome to PillarXYZ, your one-stop solution for comprehensive BIM services. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional quality and innovation to help you meet your project goals. Discover our wide range of services to assist you in all stages of your project

Parallel Lines

Reality Capture

PillarXYZ offers immersive 3D camera technology and top-tier photography services to provide customers with a one-stop, centralized service experience. Our team captures high-resolution images to accompany our precise 3D scans, providing a comprehensive visualization of your spaces or objects. This one-stop service experience streamlines project workflows and elevates your digital representation needs.

Image by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd.

Matterport Scan

  • 3D Virtual Tours: Create immersive, interactive walkthroughs of your spaces for improved visualization and stakeholder communication.

  • High-resolution imagery: Capture stunning, photo-realistic visuals to showcase your project's design and layout.

  • Accurate measurements: Obtain precise dimensional data to inform your design and construction processes.

Image by Caspian Dahlström

Point Cloud Laser Scan

  • Comprehensive site data: Acquire detailed and accurate information about your project site, including geometry, surface details, and spatial relationships.

  • Rapid data collection: Expedite your site documentation process with quick, non-invasive laser scanning technology.

  • Integration with BIM software: Seamlessly import point cloud data into your BIM platform for streamlined modeling and design processes.

Image by Jason Blackeye

Aerial Drone Surveys

  • High-resolution aerial imagery: Obtain bird's-eye views of your project site to assess and plan your project effectively.

  • Topographic mapping: Generate detailed topographic maps for accurate site analysis and earthwork planning.

  • Progress monitoring: Keep track of your project's progress with periodic aerial surveys, ensuring timely completion and improved communication.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

BIM Modeling

PillarXYZ has an experienced BIM modeling team that creates accurate families and models for as-built purposes as well as renovation and new construction projects, complying with the industry best practice standard and BIM lifecycle methodology. We can work simultaneously with our client as one team using collaboration tools, like BIM360, BIM Track, or Revizto.

cooling-tower-revit-family-3d-model-3d-model-fbx-dwg-rfa copy.jpg

Content Creation

  • High-Quality BIM Content: Our team of skilled modelers produces detailed, accurate, and data-rich BIM objects and families tailored to your project specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your BIM environment.

  • Customized Content Library: We develop a bespoke content library for your organization, containing standardized and customized BIM objects to streamline project workflows and improve design consistency across your projects.

  • Collaboration and Flexibility: We work closely with your team to create BIM content that meets your unique requirements, adapting to changes and updates as your project evolves, ensuring maximum efficiency and project success.

Scan to Revit Services (1).jpg

Scan to BIM

  • Accurate BIM Models from Point Cloud Data: We convert your laser scan data into intelligent, data-rich BIM models with precision and accuracy, capturing the as-built conditions of your project for renovation, retrofit, or facility management.

  • Streamlined Coordination and Collaboration: Our Scan to BIM services facilitate efficient communication and collaboration between project stakeholders, reducing errors and rework while optimizing design and construction processes.

  • Advanced Scan to BIM Technologies: We utilize cutting-edge technology and software to ensure the highest quality point cloud data processing and BIM model creation, delivering reliable results for your projects.

BIM-1 copy (1).jpg


  • Seamless CAD to BIM Conversion: Our experienced team of BIM modelers will expertly convert your 2D CAD drawings into intelligent 3D BIM models, enhancing project visualization, coordination, and collaboration.

  • Data Preservation and Enhancement: We ensure that all relevant information from your CAD files is preserved and enhanced in the BIM model, including layers, annotations, and metadata, resulting in a comprehensive and accurate representation of your design.

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance: Our CAD to BIM conversion process adheres to industry standards and your organization's BIM requirements, delivering models that are fully compliant with your project specifications and guidelines.

White Structure

BIM Consulting Services

PillarXYZ brings value to our clients from a BIM discovery session to a full BIM lifecycle solution package. Our highly skilled team assists owners, general contractors, architects, and engineers to improve workflows and integrate the appropriate BIM, VDC, and EAM technologies

BricsCAD-BIM copy.jpg

BIM Implementation

  • Comprehensive BIM Integration: Our expert team will help you seamlessly integrate BIM processes into your organization, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of BIM technology for your projects.

  • Customized BIM Strategy: We analyze your unique business needs and develop a tailored BIM implementation plan to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration among your teams.

  • Ongoing Support and Improvement: Our BIM implementation services include continuous support, ensuring your organization stays up-to-date with the latest BIM advancements and maintaining peak performance throughout your projects.


BIM Training

  • Industry-Leading BIM Courses: Our comprehensive BIM training program is designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to master BIM software and best practices, increasing efficiency and productivity.

  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Our training sessions are highly interactive, providing real-world examples and practical exercises to ensure participants gain a deep understanding of BIM concepts and applications.

  • Customized Training Solutions: We offer flexible training options, including on-site, remote, and e-learning courses, tailored to meet the specific needs and schedules of your organization.


Software Development

  • Custom BIM Software Solutions: Our skilled developers create bespoke BIM software applications and tools tailored to your unique requirements, optimizing project workflows and improving overall efficiency.

  • BIM Software Integration: We offer seamless integration of BIM software into your existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility with your current systems and processes while minimizing disruption to your operations.

  • Software Support and Maintenance: Our dedicated support team provides ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting for your custom BIM software solutions, ensuring reliable performance and long-term success.

Use Cases

Architecture and Engineering firms

 BIM can help architects and engineers to create more accurate designs, detect and resolve issues earlier in the design process, and improve collaboration with other project stakeholders.


BIM can help manufacturers to create more accurate product models, reduce design errors, and improve collaboration with architects and engineers.

Construction Contractors

BIM models provide a comprehensive view of the building design and allow contractors to visualize the construction sequence, identify potential conflicts, and optimize material usage. BIM can also be used to create accurate cost estimates and construction schedules.

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